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Fashion front- and backstage at Laneway

/ Xiaohan Shen

Singers at Laneway Festival on the weekend had some stories to share about their fashion, and so did the festival-goers.

The lifestyle of a band member, the modern day equivalent of the medieval ages’ travelling troubadour, inevitably leads to some interesting style stories.

Backstage at Laneway Festival in Sydney on Sunday, relaxing on the lawn behind the photography studios at the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts in Rozelle, Caroline Polacheck of Chairlift revealed her ultimate shopping destination: “Honestly? The further away from civilisation the better.”

Naming a thrift store in the backwoods of North Dakota as an example, she said: “[The thrift stores away from the cities] haven’t been picked over. They’re also kind of time capsules. People aren’t so tuned in to trends so they wear the same thing they’ve been wearing for the past two decades and then they take that to thrift stores. You find older stuff… [and] the most unusual stuff.”

Relaxing in front of her dressing room, Cameron Mesirow of Glasser was wearing a dip-dyed leather jacket from Acne’s collaboration with UK artist Daniel Silver she’d received from the designers themselves after they’d used one of her songs in a video. It was the final touch to her backstage outfit, she said.

“I think today I sort of have a ‘look’ to me but it’s not really intentional. I like to mix it up, that’s why I went and got my jacket [that Acne gave me after they] used my song for their capsule collection with this artist, Daniel Silver.”

Not to be outstripped, festival-goers had some stories of their own to share. Chloe Bennett, a student and avid dress shopper, had ventured out two days previously and found a lace dress in a vintage store in Oxford Street, which she decided to wear back-to-front and pair with a belt for Laneway, while Kate Loxton, a PR consultant, confessed she had tried to go for an understated cowboy look. 

“I wanted to go for a country style today because I knew it would be dusty, and I went for a crisp white shirt because I think it’s hard to look fresh at an event like this,” she said.

Of course, there were also those who just wanted to look good. Amy Harris, a nurse, looked the epitome of preppy summer chic in a navy jumper and printed Karen Walker shorts with a hat she said she’d picked up from Homebake festival. She said festivals were her chance to play with fashion. “I love clothes. There’s only two variations on our uniform at work so I like to take the chance to dress up.” 

Full interviews to come later. See more street style pics from Laneway by Xiaohan Shen at

Interview: Nicole Pollard

Please meet the leggy Nicole Pollard. Unpretentious and chill about life, she wasn’t much of a talker but sure had a sense of humour - and some really damn awesome shorts.

Corey Wallace and Nicole Pollard / Xiaohan Shen

Those are awesome shorts.
Thank you. I found them online.
Do you like shopping online?
Yeah, lately. Always online. I get bored of stuff in stores.
Do you ever worry it’s not going to fit you or do you just know whether it’s going to work or not?
No I still worry. These are a bit big. [But] I can’t be bothered [returning things]. If they’re baggy, then they’re just baggy clothes.

So how would you describe your style?
I don’t really know how to describe it, I just wear whatever I feel comfortable with.

What are you liking at the moment?
Shorts. I like shorts and a comfy tee. I got this one from General Pants. It was two for $40 and they’re just really comfortable. It’s either that or midriffs.
Bare midriffs?
Bare midriffs, yeah, I like getting a tee and chopping it.
What about your sunglasses? They’re pretty cool.
Yeah these are Karen Walker, I was eyeing them for ages. I finally found them so I was really happy.

Where did you find them?
I found them in David Jones, actually.

There you go.
 So I found out they had champagne coloured ones as well, I’m trying to decided if I should buy them but I’ve restrained myself so far but there will be a day when I walk in and buy them.

All the frames are like a champagne-beigey kind of thing and the lenses are still kind of dark.

You can’t wear these with everything.
They’ve gone with most things so far.

So are you a big Karen Walker fan then?
I am a fan of Karen Walker, I love her eyewear. She’s one of my favourite designers.
Nicole Pollard / Chic Management