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Annette Lin


Interview: Nicole Pollard

Please meet the leggy Nicole Pollard. Unpretentious and chill about life, she wasn’t much of a talker but sure had a sense of humour - and some really damn awesome shorts.

Corey Wallace and Nicole Pollard / Xiaohan Shen

Those are awesome shorts.
Thank you. I found them online.
Do you like shopping online?
Yeah, lately. Always online. I get bored of stuff in stores.
Do you ever worry it’s not going to fit you or do you just know whether it’s going to work or not?
No I still worry. These are a bit big. [But] I can’t be bothered [returning things]. If they’re baggy, then they’re just baggy clothes.

So how would you describe your style?
I don’t really know how to describe it, I just wear whatever I feel comfortable with.

What are you liking at the moment?
Shorts. I like shorts and a comfy tee. I got this one from General Pants. It was two for $40 and they’re just really comfortable. It’s either that or midriffs.
Bare midriffs?
Bare midriffs, yeah, I like getting a tee and chopping it.
What about your sunglasses? They’re pretty cool.
Yeah these are Karen Walker, I was eyeing them for ages. I finally found them so I was really happy.

Where did you find them?
I found them in David Jones, actually.

There you go.
 So I found out they had champagne coloured ones as well, I’m trying to decided if I should buy them but I’ve restrained myself so far but there will be a day when I walk in and buy them.

All the frames are like a champagne-beigey kind of thing and the lenses are still kind of dark.

You can’t wear these with everything.
They’ve gone with most things so far.

So are you a big Karen Walker fan then?
I am a fan of Karen Walker, I love her eyewear. She’s one of my favourite designers.
Nicole Pollard / Chic Management

Gail Elliott scouts models at David Jones casting

'A line of gazelle-limbed girls and chiselled-jaw males spilled onto the tree-lined streets outside Luxe Studios in East Sydney at the David Jones model casting two weeks ago.

Over 300 models arrived for the department store’s casting session for their autumn/winter show. Gail Elliott, David Jones general manager David Bush and David Jones stylist Kelvin Harries were the judges.

“I really enjoy this,” said Elliott as she relaxed into her chair, scanning the rows of waiting models for any standouts. Pointing out the elegantly postured model next in line, she said that great bone structure and body shape were key.

“I like strong women, long legs, a direct look, strong and gorgeous - like a warhorse,” said Elliott. 

“We want individuals who have a personality, who can showcase not only the clothes, but how to wear them and what it’s like to wear them,” said Bush. “I mean, when you look at people like Miranda Kerr, of course she’s a beautiful woman but there’s so much more to her. We want a certain sense of realness.”’

Read more about the gorgeous, friendly and, quite frankly, enviably all-round awesome models at the David Jones model casting at

Gail Elliott / Xiaohan Shen